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How are you transitioning to virtual events?

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We are in the process of cancelling our new scholars’ weekend, which is scheduled for the beginning of June. Following on that, we were very much hoping to have a 200-person alumni conference to celebrate our 25th anniversary, but we doubt that will happen at this time. We have used Google Hangouts in the past to have virtual conversations about issues of interest, which were okay, but not great. We have also had smaller groups lead potlucks around the country, but that isn’t feasible at the moment. I think we will do virtual versions of all of our content, especially regarding payments to students and also create a way to get them connected to each other. For each cohort we offer a communications profile called Insights, based on Meyers-Briggs. We have a terrific consultant who delivers it, and I think we will look at delivering that online. The students find it engaging and learn a lot about each other in the process, so we will work with our consultant to provide it again this year. As a program tradition, it is a touchstone that all of our recipients have in common. It is a language they use about themselves and each other, and as part of our leadership programming. This will help them tie in to the program and help them get to know each other. I hope we will be able to adapt it very easily. The other thing we are thinking about is entering into conversations with our sponsors and donors. We understand that some of the money we were going invest in this year’s conference will be lost as non-refundable deposits, and some of it will be clawed back by [TD] bank as they need the funds, but I hope we will be able to make local $1,000 donations to the charities of students’ choice, or if other, larger donations could be made on behalf of groups of students, I think we can do some creating problem-solving on that.

Jane Thompson, TD Scholarships

Graduway is offering support with virtual fundraising.

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