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Member FAQ: Refunds


Do we know if either students or scholarship providers will receive refunds? If so, are any providers considering issuing checks to students for unexpected expenses?

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A significant percentage of U.S. college/university operating budgets come from auxiliary fees like meal plans and food contracts and housing fees, and schools don’t yet know what they’re going to do. There are a handful of private institutions with healthy endowments that have already committed to offering pro-rated refunds for the rest of the semester for housing and meal plans, but that is certainly not the norm. No state system that I know of has made any promise or claim, and it will be state-by-state, or individual institution by individual institution, in terms of what students may or may not expect for refunds.

Carrie Zimmerman, Uncommon Programs and Consulting

10,000 Degrees would love to be able to do that, but much will depend on how and when and how much in terms of resources we can marshal.

Traci Lanier, 10,000 Degrees

We are a community foundation, and we are willing to allow the refunds to go to the students for those costs.

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