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How are you accommodating your applicants' or students' varied access to technology?

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No question that a student without access will be allowed phone interviews, and we have allowed them in the past. Canada has good Wi-Fi in general, although some students still need to access resources in public spaces like libraries or schools. Those resources may be unavailable or severely curtailed in the near future, so phone interviews offer a good alternative.

Jane Thompson, TD Scholarships

The majority of our interviews are conducted via Skype or Zoom or another online mechanism. Most students do have a capable device, but some will, as mentioned, use a school resource or library. If a student doesn’t have the necessary resources, it doesn’t hurt to advise them that public resources may be available, and counselors are often excited to assist students in competing for scholarships in these cases.

Jamie Williams, Coca-Cola Scholars

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Comcast is allowing free Wi-Fi, and our local K-12 district has many resources for food, Wi-Fi, and technology, so take a look at what local districts are offering or promoting in terms of resources.

Traci Lanier, 10,000 Degrees

Also uses phone interviews as an alternate to video interviews. They are also scripting interviews with a more rigid set of questions, so they will be more consistent than just conversations, in an attempt to ensure equity across candidates.

Yvonne Moody, The Terry Foundation

Comcast, Cox, and Charter Spectrum are all providing low-cost internet to families with students.

NSPA Member

Schools and libraries are closing, limiting access in some locations. Phone interviews are still an option for most/all students. We have several issues with Wi-fi in the state of Maine, and are also allowing phone interviews and paper applications as well as online.

NSPA Member

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