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About National Scholarship Month (NSM)

NSM is a national movement to raise awareness of the power of scholarships and the effect they have not only on individual scholars, but on our global community as a whole. Sponsored by NSPA, this year’s focus is Together We Rise: Collaborative Connections for Scholarship Success. 

We Help Our Scholars Succeed!

By taking some of the financial pressure off of students and families, we can enable greater success in college, helping deserving students who want to graduate with their degree and give back to society.

At a recent Scholarship America event, we heard about the impact of scholarships from higher education leader Jamie Merisotis, President & CEO of the Lumina Foundation. He received a variety of funds for school, from Pell Grants to state scholarships. “But the most important piece of that equation,” he said, “was that scholarship I received from that Dollars for Scholars chapter in Manchester, Connecticut, because that scholarship represented my community. It represented the people that I was accountable to, and it made a real difference in my life.”

Read more in Scholarship America's blog, "Why Scholarships Matter".

We Make an Impact!

In the 2016-2017 academic year, NSPA members awarded $2,559,416,255 in scholarships to 517,835 students.*
*57% of NSPA members participated in the survey

In honor of National Scholarship Month, Harper College Educational Foundation (an NSPA member) is sharing a book of stories compiled about their scholarship recipients and donors. This book was a recipient of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Circle of Excellence, Stewardship, Gold Award.

Download Realizing Dreams here.

Twenty years ago, Scholarship America initiated National Scholarship Month to increase private sector awareness of and support for students pursuing a higher education,” noted Robert C. Ballard, president and CEO, Scholarship America. “The most important component of that support comes in the form of public and private dollar scholarships, and today the need for scholarships is even greater. Over the past two decades the cost of a higher education has doubled, and student debt continues to rise. Congratulations to NSPA, the official sponsor of National Scholarship Month, for continuing to bring awareness to the power of scholarships and the impact they have on students' lives and our community."

NSPA's goal is to breathe new life into this annual observance," noted Nick Safko, Communications Coordinator at NSPA. "It’s extremely important to promote awareness because funding and college access not only benefits individual scholars, it also impacts the greater global community. We’re excited to see how it evolves over the next few years."

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