Monday Session Materials
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Monday, October 10, 2016 Session Materials

1.1 - Exploring Success, Failure, and Resilience

1.2 - Private Foundations Learning Circle 
     *Download Presentation

1.3 - Public Charities Learning Circle 

1.4 - Colleges and Universities Learning Circle

1.5 - Community Foundations Learning Circle 

1.6 - Canadian Providers Learning Circle

2.1 - Scholarship Practices from Basic to Best
     *Download Presentation

2.2 - Creating a Comprehensive Persistence Strategy for Student Success 
     *Download Presentation

2.3 - S.H.I.F.T. Scholars Heading into the Future Together: Developing an Engaging and Meaningful Orientation Program
     *Download Presentation

2.4 - A Deep Dive into a Promise Scholarship Program

2.5 - Getting to the Heart of It: Scholarship Programs and Practices for Adults
     *Download Presentation and Takeaway

2.6 - Building Native Scholars: A Virtual Toolkit for Student Success
     *Download Presentation and Takeaway

2.7 - Choosing the Best Scholarship Application Software for Your University
     *Download Presentation, Takeaway and Handout #1, Handout #2, Handout #3, Handout #4, Handout #5, Handout #6, Handout #7, Handout #8, Handout #9, Handout #10, Handout #11, Handout #12

2.8 - Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Approach to Staff and Community Engagement
     *Download Presentation and Handout

3.1 - Access is Not Enough…Balancing the Equation for Student Success through Effective Postsecondary Partnerships 
     *Download Presentation

3.2 - Legal Fundamentals for Scholarship Providers 
     *Download Presentation

3.3 - Leatherstocking Tales: Partnering to Build College Success for Underserved Youth
     *Download Presentation 

3.4 - Satisfactory Academic Progress for Private Scholarships
     *Download Presentation

3.5 - Reinventing Scholarships: Innovative Ideas for Pairing Scholarships with Savings to Better Serve Low-Income Students
     *Download Presentation

3.6 - Beyond the Scholarship: Preparing Community College and Community College Transfer Students for Long Term Success

3.7 - Advice and Tips for New Scholarship Professionals in Administering Scholarships from Seasoned Scholarship Professionals
     *Download Presentation

3.8 - Appreciative Leadership: Strategies and Practices that Turn Potential to Power
     *Download  PresentationHandout and Presenter Follow-Up

4.1 - Evaluation Framework for Scholarship Programs 
     *Download Presentation and Worksheet

4.2 - Instagoogletweetface? Social Media for Scholarship Engagement 
     *Download Presentation

4.4 - Results of the 2015 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study
     *Download Presentation

4.5 - Snapp Your App

4.7 - Support Beyond the Money: Partnerships with Universities to Create Learning Communities
     *Download Presentation

4.8 - Merit Based Providers Best Practice Sharing and Networking

5.3 - Student Hunger, Housing Insecurity, and Unmet Financial Need: Overcoming Barriers to College Completion
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