Learning Circles General Information

The purpose of NSPA Learning Circles is to facilitate dialog and exchange of good practices among NSPA members who are working in similar organizations or have common interests and/or challenges. These groups will contribute to a body of knowledge ​for​ the wider NSPA community. Learning circles meet virtually as a group each quarter. If you are interested in ​joining a Learning Circle, please email Maggie Brubaker

NSPA Learning Circles are a benefit of membership in our association.  Members, please log in to get more information and join the Learning Circle Group. If you are not a current member of the NSPA and are interested in membership, please click here for more information.

Colleges and Universities
Learning Circle

Past Meeting Topics Included
Packaging Effective Practices
Effectively Using Data
Student Privacy
Resources and Advocacy for Undocumented Students

Community Foundations
Learning Circle

Past Meeting Topics Included
Managing Committees
             Outcome Measurements
Reporting to Donors and Donor Engagement
Donor Relations/Education

Public Charities

Learning Circle

Past Meeting Topics Included
Effective Practices in Interacting with Universities on Scholars' Behalf
Award DisplacementStudent Leave, Award Postponement, and Payment Parameters/Guidelines

Private Foundations
Learning Circle

Award Displacement

Other Past Meeting Topics Included
Building an Inclusive Scholarship Program
Wrap-Around Services for Scholars

Evaluation and Assessment
Alumni Relations: Outreach/Programming


Supporting Sponsor for the 2016 Learning Circles

Thank you to the following organizations for their generous support!

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